Spring, 2017

The music continues...

"Robots on Fire" - Finally the recording is done! A real challenge to record and mix this as it was done solely for the first time at my home studio. Very different from anything I have done in the past. It will be out later this year along on Ideal Recordings. They are based out of Sweden and I am excited to be a part of their roster of artists. Release date: Fall 2017 www.idealrecordings.com

"Time capsule series" - The first in a series of cassette only releases from "Stimulus Progression". The music was taken from a live reel to reel recording I did on New Year's Eve. in 1982. A must for collectors of rare electronic music before the advent of computers! Thank you Sean Smith! They can be purchased from him for $8.00 each. www.stimulusprogression.com

"Wave" - This was released worldwide last year on vinyl and CD by "Bureau B" from a compilation of electronic music I recorded back in the 1980's. A great German label of early electronic music from Cluster, Schnitzler etc.. www.bureau-b.com

"Real to Reel" - A compilation of rare music I recorded in the early 1980's on reel to reel tape from my home studio. It was released with great reviews in 2015. Copies are still available worldwide. www.staubgold.com

Ray Bally Band - The band has reformed again this time I will be playing drums in this version of the band. My first time on the drums in 30 years and we sound good! A recording might be in the works plus possibly live shows.

"Another Planet Records" - This South Korean found me on the web and we worked out a deal to reissue my early out of print cassette recordings to vinyl. The first will be "Quest" Release date Fall 2017

"Shadow" - It has been over 10 years since I recorded "Shadow". I have limited supply of CD copies left. Email me if interested in a copy.

Paintings - Check out my series of unique abstract paintings at www.artfromedge.com

As always thanks for listening!


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