Winter 2017

Happy New Year! The music continues…

Wave — "Wave" is my latest re issue recording of electronic music that I recorded from 1984 to 1988. It has been released on the German label "Bureau B".  www.bureau-b.com

New Recording — I finally have a title "Robots on Fire". There are still a few more overdubs before I can finally finish mixing. Very different from anything I have ever recorded. Release date TDB

Ray Bally Band -The band has reformed again this time I will be playing drums. My first time on the drums in a long time and it feels good as the band really sounds great! A live recording is in the works. Release date TDB

Stimulus Progression — This cassette only label will be releasing a unreleased live reel to reel recording I did on New Year's Eve in 1982 at my home studio in Edison, New Jersey. Electronic music fans will enjoy this one! Release date: Spring 2017

Early Electronic music — Because of the release of "Wave" there has been a renewed interest in my 80's cassette recordings. I have since sold out my remaining stock but I am about to sign with a record label that is going to re issue them again this time on vinyl. Release dates TBD

Shadow — It has been over 10 year since "Shadow" which I feel is my best recording to date. I have limited supply of CD copies left. Email if me if interested in a copy.

Paintings — Check out my series of unique paintings at www.artfromedge.com

As always thanks for listening!


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