Dennis Young

Dennis Young is a self-taught musician who started playing drums at an early age from which his curiosity led him to other instruments that included marimba, percussion, keyboards, guitar, and vocals. He composes his own music and his compositions combine influences from rock, jazz, dance, folk, and world music while incorporating unique rhythms and colorful musical textures to create his own original music.

He is best known professionally as the marimba/percussionist for the legendary early 80’s NYC band “Liquid Liquid”. They had a major impact on hip-hop and dance music. Best known for there dance music hit “Cavern” it was sampled by Grandmaster Flash in the making of “White Lines" Since his days with “Liquid Liquid”, Dennis Young has recorded a number of solo releases on his label “Day & Nite Music” and has added his signature percussion to a number of recordings. He continues to this day to explore new ways of writing & performing music.

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